Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mangos?

Posted September 16th, 2013 in Can Guinea Pigs Eat...? by WhatCanGuineaPigsEat

Need to know the answer to can Guinea Pigs Eat Mangos? If you moderate how often your guinea pig gets mangos, they can be a good treat for your cavy. This fruit contains both vitamin C and vitamin A. 这两种维生素对你的豚鼠的健康至关重要. 维生素C有助于他们代谢蛋白质, 抗感染, 并执行其他重要的身体机能. 维生素A有助于适当的发展和有利于健康的免疫系统. 由于豚鼠不能生产这些维生素本身, 他们必须从他们可以吃的食物让他们, like mangos.

是, guinea pigs can eat mangos. You can feed your cavy a small slice of mango one to two times per week. As a fruit, it should be fed only occasionally and in small amounts. Be sure that the mango is fresh and washed prior to feeding it to your cavy. 也, remember to remove the pit from the mango and peel off the skin, as these parts of the mango should not be fed to your guinea pig. Cut the mango into small cubes to make it easier for your guinea pig to eat. Make sure that the mangos were never treated with pesticides or other chemicals prior to feeding them to your cavy. 新鲜, organic mangos are the best choice for your pet.

Although mangos are a great tasty treat for your cavy, they should only be fed occasionally and in small quantities. Mangos, like many fruits, are very high in sugar. This sugar can give your guinea pig digestive problems in the short run and can contribute to diabetes in the long run. 因此, you should limit the amount of sugar in your guinea pig’s diet.

所以, can guinea pigs eat mangos? 是, and many guinea pigs will love them. But, remember, that mangos should only be given as an occasional treat and should not be part of your cavy’s daily diet. If your regulate how often you give them mangos, then these tasty fruits can be a good treat to supplement the regular diet of your guinea pig.

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