Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tomatoes?

Posted June 10th, 2013 in Can Guinea Pigs Eat...? by WhatCanGuineaPigsEat

What is the answer to Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes? They can eat all kinds of tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes. However, grape and cherry tomatoes are better for your guinea pig possibly because they have less sugar than larger tomato varieties. Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C for your guinea pig. As your guinea pig cannot naturally produce vitamin C, they need to get it from the foods that they eat. By allowing your guinea pig to eat tomatoes, you will provide them with essential vitamin C, and therefore prevent your cavy from getting scurvy. When feeding tomatoes to your guinea pig, be sure to remove the vines and green leafy tops, as they are poisonous for your cavy. Also, be sure to remove the seeds before allowing your guinea pig to eat the tomato. A guinea pig can eat about 1/4 of a large tomato or one baby tomato or small plum tomato at a time. Guinea pigs can eat tomatoes only about twice weekly. Guinea pigs can eat small tomatoes whole. However, cavies can make a mess eating whole tomatoes, so you may want to cut them into smaller pieces.

The answer is yes, guinea pigs can eat tomatoes. As with all other fruits, tomatoes should be fed to your guinea pig in moderation. Although tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, they are rather acidic. Because of their high acid content, too much tomato may give your cavy digestive problems. Also, they are high in sugar, which can give your guinea pig an upset stomach or diarrhea. Remember also that your guinea pig may not enjoy the flavor of tomatoes because of their acidity. Be sure to feed your guinea pig fruits that they enjoy that also provide them with a healthy diet. Overall, guinea pigs can eat tomatoes. If fed in moderation, tomatoes can be a great addition to a varied guinea pig diet.

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