Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries?

Posted July 3rd, 2013 in Can Guinea Pigs Eat...? by WhatCanGuineaPigsEat

What is the answer to Can guinea pigs eat blueberries? Blueberries provide your guinea pig with essential vitamin C, which your pet cannot produce naturally. Your guinea pig’s diet therefore must be supplemented with foods that contain vitamin C, like blueberries. This will help them to fight infections and heal wounds, as well as helping with other bodily functions. Feeding them foods rich in vitamin C will also help to prevent scurvy, which results from a lack of vitamin C.

The answer is yes, guinea pigs can eat blueberries. You can give your cavy a couple blueberries one to two times a week. Like most fruits, they should be fed only occasionally and in small quantities because of their high sugar content. Although the berries are generally safe, you should probably avoid feeding them the leaves of the blueberry plant, as there is no consensus about whether or not they are safe for guinea pigs. Be sure to wash the blueberries thoroughly before feeding them to your cavy. Also, they should be fresh, not frozen and thawed. Be sure they have never been treated with any chemicals. Some pet owners cut them in half before feeding them to their guinea pigs.

Although guinea pigs eat blueberries and they can be healthy in small amounts, too many can have negative effects on the health of your cavy. Blueberries have a high water content, so too many can give your guinea pig diarrhea. Also, blueberries are high in sugar. Too much sugar in your guinea pig’s diet can ultimately cause serious health problems like tooth decay and diabetes, so sugars should definitely be limited. 因此, blueberries can be an occasional tasty treat in your guinea pig’s diet, but they should be fed in moderation.

總體, guinea pigs eat blueberries and most will probably greatly enjoy them. 然而, remember that moderation is the key with all fruits. If you keep the serving size small, blueberries can be a good occasional treat in the diverse diet of your guinea pig.

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