Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts?

Posted September 13th, 2013 in Can Guinea Pigs Eat...? by WhatCanGuineaPigsEat

So Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts? Peanuts are very high in fat and peanuts, as well as the peanut shells, can be choking hazards for your cavy. 因此, peanuts can be potentially fatal to your cavy if he or she chokes on the peanut or the shell. Although peanuts are technically legumes and not nuts, it is good to remember to stay away from any type of nut or any type of nutshell.

The answer, no, guinea pigs should not eat peanuts. In addition to peanuts, guinea pig owners should also avoid feeding their guinea pigs peanut butter. Peanut butter, like raw peanuts, can be choking hazards for guinea pigs. Peanut butter can be hazardous because it is chewy and sticky. Peanut butter is also high in fat and sugar, so it should not be included in any cavy diet.

Although neither peanuts nor peanut butter are toxic for your guinea pig, they overall do more harm than good. Neither has any real nutritional value for your cavy. Also, both can cause negative health effects in your pet, both in the short run and in the long term. Peanut butter can give your cavy an upset stomach shortly after eating it. It can also cause bloat. If you continue to feed your guinea pig peanuts or peanut butter, it can lead to weight gain, digestive problems, heart problems, and other health issues that result from having too much fat and sugar in their diet.

總體, it is better to stay away from feeding your guinea pig peanuts or peanut butter. 一般來說, you should never feed your cavy any kind of nut or nutshell. These types of foods can be choking hazards and can therefore be potentially fatal to your guinea pig. It is better to stick to approved fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet. This will keep your cavy both healthy and happy.

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