Can Guinea Pigs Eat Raisins?

Posted September 12th, 2013 in Can Guinea Pigs Eat...? by WhatCanGuineaPigsEat

What is the answer to can Guinea Pigs Eat Raisins? Although guinea pigs can eat raisins, they overall have little nutritional value. They have no vitamin A and a low vitamin C content. One of their only real benefits is that they do contain fiber, which is good for your guinea pig’s digestive tract. 所以, your guinea pig can eat raisins, but may not receive as many health benefits from this particular treat as from other fruits and vegetables.

是, guinea pigs can eat raisins. Because of their high sugar content, be sure to limit the amount of raisins you feed your guinea pig. You can feed your cavy raisins about one to two times per month. A good serving size is a couple of raisins at a time. When feeding your guinea pig raisins, be sure to note what other ingredients are in the raisin box. Many boxed brands have added sugar and preservatives to the raisins. As raisins are already high in sugar, they do not need any more. 也, any artificial additives are potentially dangerous to your cavy. 因此, try to feed them raisins without these extra ingredients.

As mentioned above, raisins are very high in sugars. If a cavy has a diet too high in sugars, it can lead to some serious health problems. Your guinea pig can get digestive issues, weight gain, and even diabetes from eating too much sugar. 因此, be sure to severely limit how many raisins you feed your cavy.

所以, can guinea pigs eat raisins? 是, but in great moderation. Because of their high sugar content and low nutritional value, they should only be an occasional treat for your cavy, if fed to them at all. 然而, if you monitor how often raisins are fed to your guinea pig, then they can be a tasty treat to supplement their more regular diet.

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